Building Actual Communities
Since 1986

The ever changing and dynamic nature of real estate development requires a long-term commitment to creating value…enduring value for residents, municipalities and our shared futures.

Actual Guiding Principles

To create communities that allow residents 

To reach their full potential

To make a positive impact on surrounding communities

Respect the environment

Bill Swalling photo


Bill Swalling

With his extensive finance and real estate experience Bill brings intelligence, insights and authenticity along with his uniquely Canadian charm to every effort he undertakes. From commercial and retail centers to mixed-use and residential communities rich in lifestyle, his company’s project portfolio says it all.


Dan Nickless photo


Dan Nickless

For Dan it’s all about adhering to the community’s vision while maintaining an absolute respect for the smallest of development details. From his perspective, his successful forty-year career in real estate development and home building has simply been a matter of pursuing his passion-creating enduring value for generations to come.


Carol Baumann photo


Carol Baumann

As controller, Carol oversees the lifeline of every business – its financial health and reputation. Carol’s extensive experience combined with her insightful perspective, gives the leadership team the ability to lead knowing their financial house is in order.

Cindy McGrath photo

Office Manager

Cindy McGrath

For Cindy, “doing things right” defines both her professional responsibilities as well as her overall approach to life. Cindy’s daily responsibilities span a variety of ever-changing assignments – all done extraordinarily well…for Cindy, it’s a way of life.